When choosing the decor of a room, the two main aspects that need to be considered are versatility and the aesthetics of the room. In order to utilize the maximum available space and decorate a room to suit the personal taste and requirements of the inhabitants, you need to choose the different elements very carefully. When designing a room, the most important thing to consider is storage. You need ample space to store clothes, things of daily use and whatever you can think of.

If you want to utilize space and make the room look clutter-free, you should choose Fixura Wardrobes for your fitted wardrobes requirements. These wardrobes offer a number of advantages over free standing wardrobes. The major advantage is that such made-to-measure wardrobes maximize the storage capacity along with making the room look clean and clutter-free. That little space, that angled wall, that awkward corner, that curved ceiling, we will transform these unusable spaces into beautifully designed Wardrobes for maximum storage.

Our range of Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes include:

Most of the apartments today have small and compact bedrooms and it becomes essential to choose furniture that makes the room look bigger as well as have optimum storage capacities. FIXURA Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes can be designed as per your specifications, the size of your room and these are cheaper than conventional furniture as well.

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