3 Tips from the Furniture Makers in Harrow to Get Fitted Wardrobes

Wardrobes play a major role in keeping your house neat and tidy by storing all the required stuffs in it. However, the right way to choose a wardrobe is by considering the amount of available space in your house. The idea is to convert the available and extra space in any corner of your house into a storage cabinet so that the space is utilized in a more appropriate way.

Getting a fitted wardrobe by a professional furniture making company is a good idea as you can plan your wardrobe according to your requirements. You can tell the experts of a professional bespoke furniture making company such as "Fixura Wardrobes" about your need and the types of things that you want to store in it. Moreover, fitted wardrobes of your choice can be your style statement and your very own way of showing your choice and taste to everyone. You can also colour coordinate your custom made furniture with all other existing furniture in the house. And, you can also match the new bespoke furniture with the colour of your wall paint as well.

Here are the points which the experts from a customised furniture making company would suggest you keep in mind while you ask them to make a fitted wardrobe in your house:

  1. Shelves: You need to consider the amount and the kind of foldable clothing that you are going to keep in your wardrobe. Shelves can accommodate a lot of clothing if they are folded neatly and kept properly. You should organise your wardrobe properly to be able to accommodate the maximum amount of clothing, shoes and other stuffs.
  2. Drawers: Drawers are equally important to keep small items in a neat and proper way. You can store all the small clothing and accessories such as ties, scarves, inners etc. folded properly and within your easy access. This way, you will never lose anything in the disorganised pile of your all other clothes.
  3. Hanging cabinets: Hanging cabinets are needed to keep all your clothing which you do not want to fold and keep them tucked in the shelves. This is mainly used to keep all your shirts and tops and other long clothes which you will never fold.

Custom built wardrobes made by professionals surely adds more functionality and convenience in its use. The experts can separate and segregate your available space in the house to suggest you the right place to get a hanging cabinet done, while he would suggest another place for the shelves and the drawers and make your house look more stylish and beautiful.

Only an expert can make the best-fitted wardrobes in Harrow while making your house look well defined without making it look cramped and over-consumed. An experienced and knowledgeable furniture maker and cabinet maker will always measure the space in your house to make custom built furniture, cabinets and closets only to suffice your storage requirements.

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