Know About the Latest Kitchen Design Trends

Does your kitchen look outdated? Consider giving your kitchen a facelift. The kitchen is the heart and soul of your house and this is the place you spend most of your time cooking and socialising your friends and family, so it is a must that the kitchen looks its best. Here we will discuss about the latest kitchen design trends to help you convert the otherwise boring space into the most functional and smart space.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops were only to be seen in luxurious and sophisticated kitchens, but things have changed over time. A number of homeowners are now choosing quartz countertops, thanks to the development of composite surfaces that even average households can also afford such luxurious option for their bathrooms and kitchens. If you are looking forward to give the kitchen a complete makeover, make sure you choose quartz countertops.

Designing the Kitchen to Match the Rest of the House  

fitted kitchens edgwareWhile it has been a trend to choose an independent design for the kitchen, more and more households are merging the decor of the kitchen and the rest of the house. Houses with open kitchens are specifically being designed in this manner to create a sense of harmony. Kitchen designers Pinner are coming up with new kitchen design concepts that maximise the functionality of the space while making it look like an integral part of your home.

Clutter-Free Worktops

Another emerging trend is the clutter-free worktop. This offer more space for the cook to prepare the food without any disturbance. Thanks to the wide range of cabinetry that allows homeowners to store the additional elements inside the various compartments and shelves. Clutter-free worktops also create an illusion of a larger space, so you can make a small kitchen look bigger.

Whites and Greys to Dominate the Kitchens

Shades of white and greys will continue to dominate the kitchens in 2017. Cabinets will mostly don the various shades of white and greys, while the flooring will be seen in darker shades. You must be prepared to see a lot of blue greys and purple greys in the current year. The light and dark combination adds to the cosy factor, so you can spend some more time bonding with your family members or having fun with friends.

Breathe Some Life into the Kitchen

Add some floral arrangements, leafy greens and plants to your fitted kitchens edgware and see the space come alive. While everyone is going crazy about everything organic, you can create your own organic space within your house. Add plants that keep the space cool and dry. Some sweet smelling flowers will also help you keep the space free from odours.

Bold Fixtures

Want to add some excitement to the space? Choose some bold fixtures such as oversized light fixtures. They also help you create focal point within the space. But make sure they do not spoil the overall harmonyof the space.

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