Wardrobe Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Do you live in a typical small apartment in Crawley and are tasked to design it in a way to maximise the storage space? It is easy to get intimidated, when you need to design a really small bedroom that can hardly accommodate, leave apart the rest of the things. When looking forward to maximise the storage space of a fitted bedrooms, fitted or custom-made furniture is the best option. You can utilise every inch of the room and create a space that reflects your personality.

The first thing that you must remember when designing a small room is – avoid buying of the shelf furniture. Now let us start discussing some ideas that will help you design a small bedroom:

Use Every Inch of Space

Utilising every inch of the available space is the secret towards maximising the space in a small bedroom. Choose floor to ceiling wardrobes; use the space above the bed and under the windows. Fitted wardrobes designers in Crawley can help you design fitted furniture that look apt for the room and are built to maximise the available space. No matter how awkwardly the room is shaped, fitted furniture can be built to fit into the available space.

Over-the-Bed Storage

For rooms that are really small, such as the children’s room; it is recommended that you use the over-the-bed space to scoop out as much storage space as possible. Keeping some free floor space is important to allow your children to roam about freely inside the room; so using the wall space is the best option. Install a small desk to allow your children to keep the essentials easily accessible. Use the space below to store away things that do not require regularly. 

Create a Visual Illusion with Mirrors

Choose mirrored floor to ceiling wardrobes that create an illusion of space. Mirrors reflect light making the space look bigger. Sliding door wardrobes are the best choice, since they do not require extra floor space for the doors to be opened. Mirrored wardrobes are also a good choice for rooms that allow limited natural illumination. Fix an appointment with a fitted wardrobe designer Crawley and get a sliding door wardrobe built today.

Don’t Leave Out the Corners

Utilising the corners is the most challenging task. However, it isn’t a tough job for the fitted furniture designers. They will help you come up with innovative ideas to use every corner of the room. When it comes to corners, the possibilities are endless – you can build a corner wardrobe, install a corner desk with a small cupboard built in the corner to store the stationeries or a wall mounted dressing table with a mirrored storage cupboard for storing the beauty essentials.

Not everyone is blessed to live in a huge apartment; but that should not let you feel inferior. With the right planning you can create a beautiful space. Choose fitted or built-in furniture to create an appealing look and maximising the available space. 

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