Tips to Save Money on Your Bathroom Remodelling Project

Bathroom remofeling  

Even though bathrooms are not visible in plain sight, an outdated bathroom can mar the overall ambience of your home. Therefore it a must that you update the look of your bathroom whenever you update the look of your home. However, bathroom remodelling can cost you up to $16,128 (according to Remodeling magazine). But that should not let you down. Such improvements increase the property by an average of $11,688 as well.

But that surely does not mean you need to empty your wallet to make your bathroom look good. Here are some useful tips that will help you build the bathroom of your dreams without spending a lot.

Have a Plan

Planning is an important part of any remodelling project. Understand your expectations and determine what is possible and what is not. Ideally, keeping the old bathroom footprint (keeping the bathtubs, showers, sink, etc. in the same location) is an easy way to accomplish the project quickly and save money as well. But if you need a bigger bathroom, you may have to plan a complete renovation.

Planning also helps you with budgeting. So create a plan before embarking on the project.

Become a DIY Expert

The next easiest way to save money is by doing things yourself. People would argue that professionals have the experience and expertise to accomplish such projects quickly, but that does not mean you cannot learn a new skill. There are thousands of videos available on the Internet that will help you get started with bathroom renovation. Moreover, you can also hire the required tools and equipment and get the job done quickly and efficiently.

For instance, if you decide to change the tiles, hiring a tile saw cutter would be ideal. Again if you need to change or modify the plumbing you can easily hire pipe cutter, pipe benders and other equipment. Make a list of the tools and equipment you would require and hire them from the local tools and equipment hire company.

Don’t Go for Expensive Items

We often drain our money for buying expensive bathroom accessories in Burnham fittings,and other items. By checking out flea markets, garage sales, auctions and antique stores, you can get hold of pricey items within your budget. So instead of visiting the lifestyle store, make it a point to check the salvage items first. You may have to upgrade the look, but that’s cheaper than spending thousands of dollars for buying new items.

Paint it Up

If you have a really small budget, the best way to upgrade the look of your bathroom is by painting it. Painting is very easy and you can do it without professional help. Just hire the required painting tools and equipment and buy the right kind of paint (such as waterproof paints, mould resistant paints, etc.) and get started right away.

 Bathroom renovations can be very intimidating (due to the high budget requirements) but with the right planning, you can build the bathroom of your dreams within your budget. Consider the above tips and get started with your bathroom renovation soon.     

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