Loft Conversion Mistakes to Avoid

Loft conversions can be great and they can add value to your property, but only done correctly. You can add more space without having to add extensions to your existing property. Lofts can be converted into playrooms, studies, bedroom or extra storage rooms. No matter what you decide to do, you must avoid the common loft conversion mistakes.

If you have decided to convert the loft into a useable space, here are some mistakes that you avoid:

Not hiring a Loft Conversion Specialist

Loft conversions can be very tricky, so it is best to hire the specialists. When done correctly lofts can be converted into beautiful spaces, but if you do not get it right you will only drain your money and get nothing at the end. This is especially true if the loft has too many odd corners. Moreover, you also need to make sure you work with the right contractor to get the best value of money. Research about the contractors and choose one with good reputation and experience. Check the reviews and read testimonials to make an informed decision.

Poor Designing

Designing a loft is not easy. Not only the homeowners, but even the specialists can make expensive mistakes. So it is best to work as a team. Take a look at your loft and consider the spaces that can be turned into useable space and then design accordingly. Be practical about your expectations.

Not Using the Right Kind of Furniture

Since lofts are unique, the furniture you need to place in the loft should also be unique. Therefore, bespoke furniture is the best, since they can be made-to-order. Bespoke furniture manufacturers consider the available space and then design furniture that make the space look good. By choosing bespoke furniture, you can utilise every corner and every inch of the available space. So if you are converting the loft into a living space, make sure you hire bespoke furniture designers to get the furniture custom made.

Thermal Regulation

Since lofts are situated just below the roof, these spaces tend to have extreme temperatures (too hot during summer and too cold during winter) than the rest of the house. So, thermal regulation is a must. Your contractor would be able to help you regarding thermal regulation, so have a detailed discussion.


One mistake that many homeowners make is not considering the budget before embarking on the loft conversion project. It is important to discuss your budget with the contractor. Loft conversions can be of many types and you need to decide the budget depending upon the type of improvement done. Therefore discuss the scope of the project, the expectations and everything else and decide on the budget before giving a go ahead. Remember, home improvements such as loft conversions can quickly go beyond your budget. So, it is a must that you know how much you need to spend to get the space converted.

Avoid the above loft conversion mistakes and make the most of the space and money.

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