Tips to Organise a Small Closet Space

Living in a small apartment has its own joys and advantages like easy cleaning, maintenance and reaching out to things with minimum effort but organising things might become a big challenge. Most small apartments have little closet space which means you need to cram everything in the space that is available. It might seem tough, but with a little planning you can organise everything into the tiny space and make your home look clean and tidy.

Here are a few quick tips that will help you get everything organised within the available closet space:

Organise Your Personal Belongings

You don’t have the luxury to keep everything you have, if you need to organise things in a small closet. Therefore, sort out your things and make three piles – keep, donate and throw. Things you haven’t used in a year are good enough to be donated or thrown away. Keep things that you regularly use or you will need in near future.

Use All the Available Space

This means you need to use the space inside the closet – the drawers, shelves, hangers and everything along with the space available on the closet door. You can hang your belts, ties and other things on hooks on the inner side of the closet door. You also need to use the top space; however, you need to pack things in boxes and place them neatly on the top of the closet. If you do not have enough space to store the suitcases, you can stuff them with less important things and place them on top of the closet. 

Double the Storage Space

Doubling the storage space can make the task easier. For instance, you can double the hanging space by adding an extender rod. Again, you can maximise the shelf space by adding shelf dividers. You can organise shirts, sweaters, pants, purses and even books on a single shelf by dedicating space for individual items. This also ensures that the items do not get messed up and that you can find the necessary items quickly. Under shelf baskets are also very useful to add some extra space.   

Find Some Space for Your Shoes

If you have some space left, you can turn the bottom of the closet into a shoe rack. Multi-storey storage is the best option since you can organise shoes according to your needs – store your child’s shoes on one level, your spouse’s shoes on one and your shoes on the other.

If you are too busy to make the modifications yourself, you can ask the bespoke furniture designer to make the adjustments for you. They can also provide you with some useful and unique ideas to get the things organised neatly.

Organising a small closet space might seem daunting, but it is not impossible. You just need to know how to make things happen. By following the above tips, you can maximise the available space and tuck in everything in a neat and tidy manner. So keep your cool and get started with the organisation quickly.    

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