Give Quick Facelift to Your Bathroom

Thinking of giving your bathroom a facelift, but worried about the budget? Reviving a bathroom does not necessarily mean you require a complete overhaul; some quick fixes and upgrades can give your bathroom a complete new look. Fortunately a large variety of bathroom accessories, furniture and fixtures are available in the market that can make the bathroom look great. Here are some quick tips to try out:

  • Match the Accents - The easiest way to make your bathroom look stylish is to match the accents of the fixtures and the accessories. For instance, if you have chrome towel holders, it is best to choose the other fixtures made of the same metal. If you want to install an accent mirror, make sure it matches the accent of the other elements. When choosing accessories and fixtures, consider the style of the bathroom furniture as well.

  • Upgrade the Countertop – Now this is something you should leave to the professionals. Install tiles on the countertop instead of a stone slab; this will give a classic look to your bathroom without having to spend too much. Place an unused night stand beside the tiled countertop to create a classy yet sophisticated look.

  • Paint for a Fresh Look – If the bathroom storage units offer enough space and are sturdy enough to last quite a few years, you can give them a new look by re-painting them. You can also change the outer finish to upgrade the look. You can paint or stain the cabinets yourself; but of you need to change the finish, it is best to consult a bespoke bathroom designer.

  • Install a New Light: Installing new lights or changing the position can dramatically change the look of your bathroom. You can go for a completely new light or upgrade the fixtures of the existing lights.

  • Replace – Though there is no need to replace each and every element to achieve a new look for your bathroom, a few things must be replaced. For instance, an old toilet seat can make your bathroom look dirty no matter how well you decorate it; the shower curtains also need to be changed is they have mould growths or it loses colour due to prolonged use. Towel bars, toilet paper holders, etc. can also be replaced to make the bathroom look like new. Keep your open for the deals and discounts of bathroom accessories and buy them at rock bottom prices.

  • Repurpose Storage – You may have enough storage space within your bathroom, but repurposing some would help you achieve a new look. For example, use a tall glass vase to store the toilet papers; or old sugar pot to hold items of personal hygiene like cotton, ear-buds, etc. You need not buy expensive things; just look around your house and you will find lots of things that will help you repurpose the storage space.

A complete overhaul is always an option; but if you are running low with money, the above tips will help you make your bathroom look great.

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