Tips to Choose Wardrobes for Period Home

Period homes are very different from the homes we live in today. The Victorian or Edwardian homes have high ceilings, feature ornate details on ceilings and walls. In simple words, they have a very classic look that is a lot different from modern homes. So if you are planning to shift to a period home, you need to choose the furniture carefully.

Shopping for a new wardrobe can be fun, but when it comes to buying a bespoke wardrobe for a period home, things can become tougher. This is because the rooms, especially the bedrooms are awkwardly huge in size and designed mostly for free standing furniture. Thus if you want to re-design a period home with fitted furniture, you need to be very careful. However, the good news is that many furniture manufacturers offer period furniture and period wardrobes to suit the style of these classic homes. 

Here are some factors that you need to consider when buying wardrobes for period homes:

Right Style

Rooms in a period home are rarely square or rectangular in shape; they have awkward angles, uneven walls and sloping ceilings. So there is no doubt that readymade furniture will completely be a mismatch. By hiring a bespoke furniture designer, you can ensure that every inch of the room is utilised and the furniture they create enhance the aesthetics of the room. 

Right Material

Period homes often have furniture that belong to the era they were built. So when choosing furniture for such homes, you must keep in mind the look and feel of the existing furniture. Furniture made from modern day laminates would be a sheer mismatch; so choose the material carefully. Bespoke furniture made from hardwood will complement the look of the other furniture and bring in a sense of harmony within the room. The colour of the wood also matters when it comes to decorating a period home; so choose the material; wisely.

The Decor

The style of modern bespoke furniture might not look good when paired with Victorian or Edwardian era furniture; so you need to choose the right style of furniture. The fittings such as the knobs, handles and embellishments (if any) need to match the decor of the period homes. In simple words, the overall look and feel of the bespoke wardrobe should be such that it complements the style of the period home.


This is one of the most important considerations when choosing a period wardrobe. Period wardrobes are often made from original hardwood, so they tend to be expensive. Moreover, a lot of customisation is required to match the style of the room; so the overall expense can be higher than that of modern bespoke furniture. Thus before shopping for period wardrobes, it is necessary that you consider your budget and discuss it with the furniture designer.

Designing and decorating a period home can be tough; but it is not completely impossible. By making the right considerations you can create a great look for your period home and that too within your budget. 

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