Tips to take Care of the Granite Worktops in Your Kitchen

Granite is one of the most aesthetically appealing and durable natural stones that is chosen by numerous homeowners as the material for the worktops. Moreover, you can create a unique look by choosing granite worktops since no two slabs look the same. Even though granite countertops demand least maintenance and are resistant to cracking and chipping; a little caring can make it last even longer and help you restore the lustre, shine and natural look as well.

Here are a few quick tips that will help you take care of the granite worktops in your kitchen:

Seal Properly

Since granite is a natural stone, it needs to be sealed by an impregnable sealer to which will protect it from stains and scratches. Liquids quickly get absorbed into the surface and lead to tough stains. However, many homeowners choose not to seal the granite worktops; if you are one of them, then you must take good care of the worktops to ensure they do not get stained.

Wipe Regularly

It is a must that you wipe the surface of the granite worktops regularly. Some substances such as wine, vinegar, coffee, etc. can leave tough stains if they get spilled on granite and are left on the surface for a long time. So it is necessary that you clean the spills as soon as they happen with help of a sponge or a soft cloth. You can use a mild soap, such as the dish wash to clean the spills or even for regular cleaning.

Avoid using abrasive cleaners such as glass cleaners, ammonia, lemon or other harsh chemicals to clean the surface since they can wear off the sealer and damage the surface. The acids and alkalis contained in these cleaners are harmful for granite. It takes away the lustre and shine from the worktops and leaves it looking dull.

Avoid Placing Hot Pots and Pans

Even though granite is crack resistant and exposure to heat will not damage it; constant temperature changes may cause some damage. So avoid placing hot pans directly on the worktop; instead use hot pads to avoid direct contact of the hot surface with the worktop. You might be tempted to do some cutting work on your sparkling granite worktop; but it is best to use a cutting board. The sharp edges of the knife can damage the surface to some extent.  

Know When to Re-Seal

Once sealed, it can last for years but if the worktop is exposed to constant abuse it can require re-sealing. It is best to call the professionals to check if the worktops require re-sealing or not. You can consider doing it yourself; but leaving the job to the professionals is the best option.

Granite worktops make the best choice and it has many advantages over other materials; but homeowners are required to take care regularly make it last longer.  Whether you install new worktops or get the old ones replaced, these tips will help you maintain the look of your kitchen.  

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