Tips to Choose Bedroom Furniture to Enhance Looks and Functionality

A modern home today is usually all about optimising space and getting that spacious look by using smart design techniques. A very important aspect of this is using the right kind of furniture which usually makes people over spend or not getting the desirable outcome.

Furniture can be used to not only give identity to a new home but also refresh the look and space utilisation of an old home. It depends all on the kind of look which one wishes to achieve such as a traditional as opposed to a modern, more utilitarian one. Thus, following are some tips select furniture which should ideally help enhance utility and looks:

• The use of a day bed which also has the option of storing items in the box shelves underneath provides a lot of space saving as well as enhances the look. It can also make the space look like a sitting room, an added boon for those having one BHK flats. 

• A popular and wise way of increasing the utility and look of available space in a bedroom would be the use of shelves. These shelves should be built into the walls. The shallow shelf will help maintain floor space as well as provide additional storage. The depth of the shelf should not however, be made in excess of 12 inches. If the furniture is properly designed, they will complement the beds by acting also as built in bedside tables. 

• The size of bed chosen will be critical. The size needs to be perfect since if too big will make the room look smaller and crowded. If too small then may not serve the purpose and can make the furniture look out of sync if not proportions. 

• Further, the right kind of flooring will help enhance the welcome feeling and look of the room. Granite, marble or cold flooring is best avoided and ideally wooden, laminated or carpeted flooring should be done. This will help avoid any slip up accidents when getting down from bed all groggy.

• The arrangement of furniture should be done in a way that people can move about with ease. A crammed up look should be avoided. Popularly designers recommend that such traffic lanes should be at least 24 inches. 

• It is always advisable to choose colour hues for furniture depending on whether the room is light coloured and the opposite in case of a room with dark wall colours. The fabrics of curtains and sit on furniture can help accentuate one’s personality as well.

• The use of lights must be made very smartly since it can add depth to the room. The positioning and coverage can enhance the look of furniture and also bring more personality to the room. 

• The use of mirror in closet doors can also make the room look bigger. The mirror should ideally be wall to wall or even floor to floor to get maximum out of this strategy.

There are many ways in which one can achieve that perfect chic look and do so in a budget as well. While the above are ideas, once on it the human mind can be a surprise package.

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