Make the Most of the Available Space with Corner Wardrobes

Dealing with the storage needs can be very difficult if you are living in a small apartment, especially for your bedroom. However, today’s furniture manufactures have come up with several solutions that help the homeowners make the most of the available space. A corner wardrobe is such a piece of fitted furniture that is highly functional and spacious. These are especially customised to fit into the corners of the room, so that too much floor space is not occupied.

No matter what the shape or size of your room is, you can get a corner wardrobe tailored to suit your needs. You can use the most awkward corner of your room and turn it into a useful space. So here is how, you can make the most of a corner wardrobe:

Find the Right Place

An alcove or a niche is the best place for a corner wardrobe. Make sure you get the right dimensions of the place so that you can get a corner wardrobe made that fits perfectly into the space. If you don’t have an alcove, choose a corner that would offer the best access to the wardrobe. Remember, corner wardrobes can be built in any size and shape, so any and every corner in your room can be utilised for this purpose.

Sliding Doors – The Best Choice for Corner Wardrobes   

Instead of choosing hinged doors for your corner wardrobe, go for sliding doors. This will ensure that the wardrobe occupies minimum space and you have access to every corner of the wardrobe. Mirrored sliding doors are also a good choice so, you can let go of your dressing table and use the wardrobe mirror to get ready.

Save More Space with Pegs and Hooks

If you have a real small room and you don’t find enough space to store the extra things, then you can add some extra hooks and pegs to the inner walls of the doors and store the extras there. hang your bags, scarves, belts, ties and whatever other things you have. 

Flexible Shelves Make a Great Choice

In order to ensure flexibility, you can choose flexible shelves and hanging rods. So you can adjust the height of the shelves and hanging rods according to your specific needs. this also helps you accommodate new things inside your wardrobe. For instance, if you wish to install a shoe rack inside your wardrobe, you can adjust the height of any shelf and install the rack inside it.

Corner wardrobes are the perfect storage solutions for rooms that are irregularly shaped, since these can be customised to any shape such as t-shaped, triangular, trapezoid, etc. Fitted corner wardrobes are pre-manufactured and then the parts are installed at your home. The installation is a hassle free method and you can start using the wardrobe immediately after installation. If you are worried about whether, a corner wardrobe will be suitable for your room or not, get in touch with fitted furniture designers and get the best advice.

A corner wardrobe can provide you with the much needed storage space for your room, so consider this option and make the most of the space available.  

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