Make the Most of Your Overbed Storage

Organising your bedroom is the most challenging as well as the most exciting task you can take up. A wide variety of furniture is needed in your bedroom, to maximise the storage space and get the most desired look. However, beds and wardrobes are the primary pieces of furniture that need to chosen carefully, when designing your bedroom.

 Wardrobes are available in a plethora of choices, however by using the space over the bed you can further increase the storage space and make your bedroom look smarter. Overbed storages work well for small as well as lavish bedrooms, so no matter what kind of bedroom you have, consider utilising the overbed space. Here are some quick tips how you can utilise the space and make the most of the wall space while freeing up a lot of floor space: 

Overbed Shelves 

If you are looking for some space to store small items like socks, scarves, small display items, personal belongings like night cream, ear-rings, etc that need to be well within reach from the bed, etc., you can consider installing some shelves over. Overbed shelves are useful for kids’ room as well. you can organise their story books, toys and other essentials on the overbed shelves. 

Wardrobes with Overbed Storages

 Every room is unique and storage requirements are unique as well, so you need to choose the furniture accordingly. If you don’t have enough space to install a wardrobe and an overbed shelf, rack, etc, you can choose a wardrobe with overbed storage. A number of furniture manufacturers today offer wardrobes with overbed storages and these are tailored depending upon the shape and size of your bedroom. Such wardrobes are available in a number of shapes, styles and finishes to complement the decor of your room, so you can choose the one that best suits the style and character of your room. 

Utilise the Entire Wall Space 

If you have a bedroom that has high ceilings, you can go as high as you wish to. It is best to hire fitted furniture designers to build the overbed storages that touch the ceilings. They will customise the storage units to match the style of your room and your lifestyle. Overbed storages that extend from the bed to the ceilings are a lot more functional and help you maximise the storage space to a great extent.

Turn Headboards into Overbed Storage Space

If you are suffering from space crunch, then installing overbed storage might be a bit tricky. However, if you have a decorative headboard, you can consider turning it into a compact overbed storage area. Take out the decorative headboard and install some shelves in its place to store your books, CDs and other little belongings. You can also put little baskets and store little things inside them.

With help of professional fitted furniture designers, you can organise your bedroom the way you want. So cut out the clutter and make your room look smarter and tidier.

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