Tips to Design a Cosy and Functional Study on a Tight Budget

A study room is a cosy room or corner of your home which reflects your character and individuality. Oftentimes, we feel to stay away from the hustle bustle of daily life and spend some quite "me time". A study room is the perfect place for spending some quality time alone – whether you love reading books, listening to music or do something of your interest, a study room provides the perfect space. 

 But in order to lift your spirit and get back your energy, you need to design the study in the right manner. You don`t need to have an extra room to create a study, a cosy corner would be enough, if you know how to design the space. For people who miss their study rooms a lot, here are some tips that will help them create a study in their home: 

Right Furniture is the Key 

If you have a small space, working within limits is very important. This means you have to give away the conventional things and make way for modern and fitted furniture. Custom made furniture can be great for compact spaces and help you to make the most of the available space. Think of a bookshelf, which has an extended lower rack which can be used as a seating area!

 Custom furniture designers would be able to give you many such ideas, to turn out a small space into the most desired space in your house.

 Repurpose if You are on a Tight Budget 

Many people shy away from thinking about creating a study because they don`t have enough budgets. By repurposing existing elements, you can create a beautiful study. By re-facing shelves, painting the walls and restructuring the exiting furniture, you can create a space of your own and that too without spending much. 

Choose the Right Decor 

In order to create a soothing feeling you must choose the decor accordingly. Choose light colours for the walls and upholstery and keep the space free of clutter. Even if you want to place some display items, keep them to minimum. A study would have a lot of books, CDs, DVDs, etc. so it is best to cut down on other things. 

Also make sure you have enough storage space to organise all the things properly. This will not only make the place look clean, you will be able to access things easily. A minimalist decor is the best fit for study rooms. 

You can always choose to do things yourself, but if you have a real small space and you don`t have an idea about where to start from, it is best to hire interior decorators. These professionals know how to make use of the available space and create the most functional rooms. They also co-ordinate with other professionals like fitted furniture designers, etc. to create the most functional elements. 

Creating a space for yourself is very important and a study room is the best fit for this purpose. So, think no more start designing your study if you don`t have one!.

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