Can You Turn A Loft into Home Office?

A common problem for homeowners is a lack of space. As families grow and other family members move back home, a house can become crowded very quickly. Turning a loft into a bedroom is a great way to create more living space without expanding your home outwards. Lofts are often used as an extra playroom or home office, but by converting it into a bedroom you are increasing your home’s capacity.

When you’re looking to renovate any room in your house, there are several considerations that need to be taken. Even if you’ve keeping all of the work indoors, it is still a construction project that should have a set plan and budget. Preplanning will help you to be prepared for any hiccups that you may find.

Listed below are some of the considerations that shall help you make your decision on whether you should go ahead with converting your loft into a useable space-

1. Cost

Converting a loft office can incur costs depending upon the extent that you would want to consider renovations. As with any construction or home renovation project, your cost will be determined by the scale of your project. However costs for raising roofs or lowering ceilings cannot realistically given because of all the variables that need to be considered.

2. Windows

Windows are a major factor in any home design. They allow natural light into the home which helps the space feel bigger. If you want to add more windows after turning your loft into a bedroom, dormer windows are popular design options. This renovation would require altering exterior walls and permits. This may seem more complicated than the worth, but these large windows let in a lot of light and create the perfect nook for a window seat.

3. Roof insulation

This is a very important consideration for using a loft office. Your Building Control inspector will specify exactly what you require. The roof structure can be insulated in one of two main ways. The most straightforward is to use a ‘cold roof’ method.

4. Interior Décor

Your loft is a blank canvas that can take on whatever design aesthetic you choose.  For using it as an office choose a décor that adds glamour, energy and charm the moment you enter it. This is important as it is a common known fact that the better the ambience and feel of an office space the better is the productivity generated out of it.

5. Furniture

It can be said that furniture is the most important part of an office. You want it to be comfortable, convenient and beautiful as well. Right from desks to cabinets everything should be well coordinated to offer ample space for people to move about.

A loft office conversion is an interesting project for any homeowner. This home renovation gives you an outlet for your home design creativity. The end result is a beautiful and unique space in your home that is customized for your lifestyle. 

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