Help Your Child Organise Her Room

Clean your room! How many times do you have to tell this to your child? No matter how many times you organize the room, it gets upside down within a few hours again. Socks go under the bed, toys get scattered throughout the room – it seems as if children love the mess.
As a parent it almost seems impossible to teach your children organize their room. But you must! There is no running away. Learning to organise things will help your children tackle the challenges of adulthood. So how would you encourage your children organize their room? Here`s how you can help your child get her room organised:
Plan a Routine
Teach your children to stick to a routine. When the room gets too messy, your children can feel lethargic to clean it; but if you ask them to clean the room when the mess is not too much, they will feel much motivated. For instance, tell them to organize the toys they were playing with, before taking out new toys; or ask them to organize their bed or clothes before going for a bath.
Make the Storage Room Friendly
If you want your child to keep her room organised, you must think of child friendly storage solutions. Adult furniture or storage systems do not address the needs of the children, so you first need to replace the existing furniture with customised and functional kid`s room furniture.
Kid`s wardrobes are specially designed so that your little one reach every corner easily and organise her things without hassles. Remove wardrobe doors, lower clothing rods and add a few shelves. Keep a separate storage unit for toys and books.
Go From Bottom to Top
Make sure all the essentials are stored at the lower half of the closet or kid`s wardrobe and put things that are not required every day on the top. Help your child organise the things for the first few days, so that she knows where to store things.
Label Each Shelf
Label each and every shelf, drawer and basket so that you child know what goes in them. To make things easier for your child, you can stick pictures of the things that you want to store in the specific space. For instance, if you want your child to put her clothes on shelf 1, stick a picture of clothes; similarly stick a picture of toys, dolls, books, etc. where they need to be put.
Set an Example
If you fail to put things in their designated place, don`t expect your child to do so. If you want your child to keep everything organised, you should start organising yourself and your belongings. If they see you keep everything neat and clean, they will learn it too. So start setting an example before you start teaching them how to organise things.

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