Everything You Need to Know About Granite Kitchen Worktop Finishes

If you are planning a kitchen makeover, you must know how important it is to choose a good kitchen worktop. The aesthetics as well as the functionality depends on the type of kitchen worktop you choose. Granite worktops have been the first choice of many homeowners due to its versatility and uniqueness.
Since granite is 100 percent natural, no two slabs are identical, even if they are obtained from the same block in a quarry. This is the reason why granite tops can bring along a unique look for your kitchen. To give your kitchen a world-class look, you need to select the right finish for your granite worktop. Once the granite slabs are cut, they need to be finished to protect them from moisture and particles that can cause damage to the rock or its colour.
There are three main types of finishes available with granite worktops and they are Honed, Polished and Brushed.These are methods of giving finishes to the granite slabs and each of them offer a unique texture and look to the granite slabs. 
Let`s take a look at how the granite worktops look, once they are finished using each of the above methods.
Honed Finish
Also known as matte finish, to get the honed look, buffing the slab is avoided. As a result you get a smooth surface that is not reflective or glossy. This means a honed granite slab retains its natural look and feel as compared to the other finishes. So if you want to give your kitchen a contemporary or casual look, you should choose a honed granite kitchen countertop. With the right maintenance regime you can maintain the look of the hones granite worktop for longer.
Polished Finish
Polished granite worktops have a shiny and reflective surface and this is the most common type of finish you will see in the households. The polished look is achieved through grinding and buffing process which makes the surface look slippery and highly glossy.
After polishing the granite slabs the colours become darker and richer and more visible as compared to the raw rock. Polishes surfaces are easier to clean and maintain and this is the reason why most homeowners choose polished granite worktops for their kitchens. Polishing closes most of the pores, so you don`t have to worry about spilling and staining. 
Brushed/ Leathered Finish
The leatheredor brushed has recently become more popular across various households. The leathered finish is more sophisticated than the other finishes and the leathering process seals the pores thus making it more stain resistant. Leathered finishes are able to hide fingerprints, water spots and smudges, better than any other finishes, this is the reason why it is gaining popularity.

So it is now possible to get a unique look for your kitchen by choosing the right kind of kitchen worktop. Kitchen is considered the heart of your home, so you should always try to make the kitchen feel warmer, comfortable and appealing. Choose the right finish and get the perfect look for your kitchen.

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