How to Give Your Living Room a Facelift on Budget

Giving a facelift to your living room is necessary to make your home look sophisticated and uncluttered. The thought of re-designing your living room might you any time, any day; the first thing that comes to your mind is to paint the room in a different colour to make it look different, but it hardly matters. In order to give a completely new look to the living room, you need to think more than just painting the room.
Most homeowners have the idea that giving a facelift to any room is very expensive; but in contrary to what they think, it is possible to get the desired look for the living room within your budget. Here are some simple ways in which you can redesign the living room on a budget:
Identify What Needs to be Removed and What Needs to be Added
Look around and see what things you actually need and the extras that you can get rid of. Most people buy things that appeal their eyes without thinking if they really need it or not. So start with making a list of things that you have, the list of things you need and a list of things you can get rid of. If you have some furniture that is of no use, you can sell them and add up to your budget.
If you need to buy some new furniture you can either invest in customised and fitted furniture or you can consider buying good quality second hand furniture at lower price. If you are considering second hand furniture, you have to be patient to find the right piece at the right price. 
Rearrange the Elements
Some rearrangement of the basic elements of the living room such as furniture, lighting, etc. can help you achieve a complete new look for the living room. Rearranging the lighting makes a big difference; you can either change the position of the lighting or consider changing the overhead fixtures and lamps. 
Rearranging furniture might seem tough, but it isn`t. Rearranging furniture can free up a lot of space and give the room a new feel. You can also consider buying some customised living storage units to add a style quotient to the room. Customized living storage units can help you get the perfect look for your room.
Create a Focal Point
Creating a focal point in your living room is very important to add character to the room and avert the guest`s eye away from the mess. Focal points can be anything such as an accent wall, a drapery, some artwork or anything that will catch people`s attention as soon as they enter the room.
Accessorise Your Living Room
You can add simple and inexpensive accessories to your living room to enhance the look. Put on new pillow covers and add some flowers or potted plants. You can also buy some show pieces and place them on the centre table or side table. By adding colours to your living room, you can get a refreshed and warm look.
Painting the room is not the only option when thinking of redesigning the room, there are many other inexpensive ways of getting a new look for your living room. Try out the above mentioned methods and make your room look like new!

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