Tips to Choose Furniture for Loft Rooms

Carving out an extra living space in the loft can be a wonderful way to make the most of your home`s square footage. No matter the size, lofts and studio apartments have more in common than not. Nearly all lofts and studios are short on built-in storage, need furniture scaled just-so, and then of course there is the bed-in-the-living-room to contend with. Many lofts run the length of the house, making the dimensions long and skinny like a bowling alley.Minimalistic and modern furniture is the idealistic look of an urban loft. Clean lines of seating areas, décor, and few decorative items are the keys to create a sophisticated look.  Use simple forms and allow for plenty of space to walk around furniture to take full advantage of space, height and views.
Here are some simple tips to help you choose appropriate furniture for your loft room-

1. Consider built ins- Perhaps a standard closet is not what you need at all — but what about a built-in desk, set of drawers or storage trunk? A good pro will have lots of creative ideas for making the most of your space. Low furnishing add in drama to the look of the loft. You may surround a low coffee table with floor cushions to create a comfy lounge area while sitting on the floor will make the ceilings seem higher.

2. Customized storage- A full wall of customized closets and other storage is worth setting up. Look for building in fitted loft wardrobes. If you plan to use your attic as a master bedroom or as another frequently used space, consider saving up for custom closets or cabinetry — they`ll be worth the splurge.

3. Built in Bed- A built in bed is always a better option while choosing for appropriate furniture in a loft. A comfy little bed nook becomes even more functional when you add slim bedside shelving plus storage at the foot and under the bed.

4. Maximize space-Closets tend to be in short supply in lofts and studios. Build in your own storage by taking over one entire wall for the purpose. Fill the wall from floor to ceiling with shelving, cabinets or closets. Even if the cost seems high, this is something that makes life easier and more pleasant every day. Hence always go for fitted loft wardrobes as not only are they functional they also help make the loft room look spacious.

5. Open Backed Shelving-One of the easiest ways to create a room-within-a-room is by using open-backed shelving placed perpendicular to the wall — and it works equally well in small and large spaces. The trick is to arrange open shelving so that it looks good from both sides.

Urban loft living and décor is a lifestyle that many love. Depending on your lifestyle and your preference for architectural layouts you can bring urban loft details into your home or opt to live in the real deal. Converting loft space can not only provide much needed extra space, but when done well can provide financial rewards, should you ever sell your property.

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