Bespoke Wardrobes of Various Types Can Meet All Your Storage Needs

In order to store things for our daily use, we need ample storage space. Nowadays most of the apartments have small and compact bedrooms. In order to utilize the space and make your room clutter free, it is essential to choose furniture with optimum storage capacities. Opting for fitted wardrobes helps you with lots of benefits such as they are made to measure wardrobes and maximizes the storage capacity along with making your room look clean and tidy. Unusual spaces like an angled wall, awkward corner, curved ceilings can be transformed into beautifully designed wardrobes for enhancing the storage capacity.

Bespoke or Fitted Wardrobes Include:

1. Sliding Door Wardrobes

2. Walk-In Wardrobes

3. Hinged Door Wardrobes

4. Corner Wardrobes

Sliding Door Wardrobe

If you want to enhance the style quotient of your room along with saving space, then sliding door wardrobes are the best choice for you. You can get customized wardrobes according to the dimension of your room. You can create a perfect interior storage solution based on your personal requirements by adding drawers, shelves, racks etc. Doors are individually weighed and crafted to ensure that they fit perfectly into the wardrobe. Finding things becomes easier as sliding doors provide access to each corner of the wardrobe.

Walk-In Wardrobes

Walk-in wardrobes optimize the storage space along with adding value to your room. They are designed to utilize every millimeter of available space and can store loads of items properly helping you organize everything. You do not need an extra space for building a walk-in wardrobe professional fitters can transform any space into a wardrobe of your dreams.

Hinged Door Wardrobes

If you want to retain the classic look of your period home, then it is not a good idea to install modern furniture as it will look mismatch. Period wardrobes enhance the appeal of your room along with maximizing the storage space. No matter what the shape, scheme, and dimension of your room are, expert fitters and designers will install the perfect period wardrobes for your room. They are designed to satisfy the individual needs and demands of the clients.

Corner Wardrobes

Corner wardrobes are available in a wide range of shades so that you can choose the one which matches well with the interior of your room. They are perfect for kid’s room as well and encourages them to organize their room and store things inside the wardrobes. Depending on the style of your room you can choose between a mirrored and plain corner wardrobe.

Fixura Wardrobe offers bespoke wardrobe furniture of various types at the most reasonable range. You can choose one which blends the best with the interiors of your room seamlessly. LED lights can be used to brighten up your wardrobe and bring extra warmth to your room. However, you can also seek suggestions from the experts at Fixura Wardrobes so that you can build the interiors of your house to serve all your purpose and needs.

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