Tips to Choose the Right Bedside Table for Your Bedroom

No doubt the bed is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom, but the bedroom decor is incomplete without a bedside table. Not only do bedside tables enhance the aesthetics of the bedroom, they also serve several purposes such as they provide the necessary space for small items like books, glass of water, table lamps, etc. and plenty of storage for other things as well. However, when you think about buying a bedside table you need to consider a lot of factors like the colour, size, shape and many more.
So how would you ensure you get the right beside table for your room? Here are a few things that you need to consider:
1. Height
The bedside table you choose should be of optimal height – not too high, not too low. The height of the bedside table should be such that it offers easy access to the things kept on it and it should be in line with the mattress to make the look of the bedroom more complete.
2. Size
You can use a chest, small table, chair or anything you want to as a side table, but you should make sure the size is right. It is okay if you want a small bedside table, but you should not choose anything too large, since it will affect the balance of the room and make it look awkward.
Ideally, people choose a rectangular chest like bedside table to maximize the storage space and keep the look sophisticated, but you can break the rules and try out something innovative like a mirrored bedside table.
3. Colour
This is tricky thing to consider since there are two ways to go about choosing the colour – you can either choose a colour that is perfectly in sync with the colour scheme of the rest of the room or choose a colour that perfectly complements the rest of the room. A room looks more interesting if you choose a complementing colour, but you need to be very careful since a mistake can ruin the entire look of the room.
4. Get Innovative
It is quite possible that your room does not have enough space to accommodate a traditional bedside table, so what would you do then? You can replace a traditional bedside table with shelves attached to the walls (on either side or one side of the bed). These serve the purpose of a bedside table and don`t require too much space. You can also place a small coffee table and use it as a bedside table. You can experiment as much as you can, but make sure the overall look is soothing and complements the decor.
A bedside table can enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the room manifolds, so make sure you don`t miss out on a bedside table for your bedroom. Depending upon the type of look you want for your bedroom, choose a bedside table that best suits your needs.

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